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Fort William Historical Park Amphitheatre
Civil and Landscape Development
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Date: 2007
Owner: Fort William Historical Park
Description: Fort William Historical Park had a vision to create a large outdoor entertainment venue for the people of Northwestern Ontario. To make this happen, and meet a tight deadline, Wilco excavated 25,000m3 of earth by scraper in just over a week. This created a gently sloped Roman-style amphitheatre allowing a clear view from all sides for up to 50,000 people. This project required placement of storm conduits to ensure proper run off, and also included 35,000m2 of topsoil and sod, construction of an earth berm, and the planting of 200 cedar trees to create a screen hedge along the road; all of which was completed within 2 months. The value of this contract was $537,000.

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